Western Swing and Country Music Dance Events by Western Lights

Dancers having fun, that's what it's all about!

Western Lights has always had a great time playing Western swing and Country music for folks who love to dance. There is really nothing quite like seeing folks continue to circle the dance floor with big smiles, giving you a thumbs up and just having a grand time doing what they love. We recently had the pleasure to play music for a Sacramento Western Swing society (Sac WSS) monthly dance. It was really an honor for us to join a long list of great Western Swing bands that have performed at the Sac WSS over many years for the purpose to "promote, preserve and enjoy the American art form known as Western Swing Music". We are grateful to the Sac WSS for this opportunity and also to the WSS dancers and musicians who are mainstays for the WSS every month for the warm reception we received. Here are some nice comments we received from some prominent WSS regulars. We look forward to coming back in the future.

"Nice to have a brand new guest band this month in May.  Bill Ward and his band "Western Lights" performed for us and they looked like they were having a great time on the stage.  You could tell this group has been together for a while.  The crowd really liked what they were doing.  Thanks a lot guys!  We hope to have you back in the future." - Bill Enyeart President, Sacramento Western Swing Society Guitar Player and Leader, Dry Creek Band

"Our Guest band this month was Bill Ward and Western Lights.  They are all great musicians and we enjoyed their program very much.  Come see us again" - Jetta Riley, Board Member, Sacramento Western Swing Society


A milestone for our band as a result of this dance event was the beginning of a new phase of playing our dance music with a great drummer for the first time. For future dances we will now always call on our good friend Jim Heberling to fill this vital part of great Western Swing and Country music for dancing.

Following are two links that share Samples of our Western Swing Music. The first includes recordings from our two CD's and the second includes recordings from our live performances.

Sample 1. Western Swing music from our 2 CD's set to a photo slide show from our Sacramento Western Swing Society Dance.

Sample 2. Western Swing Music by Western Lights from our live performances.