Western Lights

Fan & Promoter Comments!

2014 Shows

"Nice to have a brand new guest band this month in May. Bill Ward and his band "Western Lights" performed for us and they looked like they were having a great time on the stage. You could tell this group has been together for a while. The crowd really liked what they were doing. Thanks a lot guys! We hope to have you back in the future." - Bill Enyeart President, Sacramento Western Swing Society

"Our Guest band this month was Bill Ward and Western Lights. They are all great musicians and we enjoyed their program very much. Come see us again" - Jetta Riley, Board Member, Sacramento Western Swing Society

2013 Shows

"Dear Western Lights, The performance Sunday was great... We loved having the dance floor so open...danceable is what it is always about in a "Honky-Tonk", i.e., West Sac moose Lodge, Ha Ha. But everyone was raving about your performance and the sound of it all. The harmony is good guys...all around....and I cannot say enough about the new dimension the pedal steel guitar has added to the overall sound of the band. ...don't change a thing! Your fans are all waiting for some new songs and an album Bill. Good Playing and Good Luck to you all. " John Burger, Sacramento Resident after West Sacramento Moose Lodge Show.

"Bill, thank you for inviting us to attend, Kitty and I had a wonderful time. We danced for the first time in 20+ years, and we didn't want to leave". Daniel Bierwirth, Auburn Resident, after West Sacramento Moose Lodge show

"Great job Bill and Band. I sure enjoyed watching everyone have a good time and some of the older folks dancing reminded me of my grandparents and parents a few years ago. Looking forward to the next show". Cathy Nelson Hood, Rio Linda Resident attending with a family party of 10, after West Sacramento Moose Lodge Show.

"Congratulations Bill and band, my friends couldn't believe that you aren't a professional group - as in full time musicians - because you certainly are "professional" and fun too. We enjoyed it very much, and my friends asked me to invite them again when you all play. Best, Luana". Luana Kiger, Sacramento resident after West Sacramento Moose Lodge Show.

2012 shows:

"Mr. Ward and Group, We really enjoyed your music at the Woodland Opera House, I'm ordering a CD, check enclosed.  Please put me on your mailing list.  That's the most beautiful music I've heard in years, God Bless you all, - Alma Lee Jones." Woodland Resident, After Woodland Opera House show.

"Sandra and I enjoyed the music and it was good to see you and the rest of your family on and off the stage as well.  Jimmy's flat picking was extra…extraordinary special.  Dan." After Woodland Opera House Show.

"Mary and I enjoyed the evening. The opera house is a perfect venue for your music. It was nice to have the kids involved as well. Very nice, Jim." From Woodland Opera House show.

"Bill, Bob, Betty, Loretta, & I really enjoyed your performance at Harlow's." After Harlows show.

"Bill, It was lots of fun seeing you at Harlow's and I love your new songs and also love hearing more gospel back in the show, Blessings, Luana." Davis Resident, After Harlow's show.

2011 shows

"Dear Western Lights Band, The Woodland Opera House Concert was terrific!  Arnie Gamble and I could not have been more impressed with "The Family" you all have assembled for these concerts. Noticeable, as always, was Melvin's fine fiddle tunes, your guitar and vocal breaks, Mike's mandolin and banjo breaks, and Sam's big bass bounce to all your favorites.  As a group, the vocals from you all were first rate, too.  Most noticeable to me was Jerry's fine Dobro and pedal steel guitar work.  He adds a much needed sound to the Western Swing numbers and the Dobro introduction to Amazing Grace was a show stopper.  We especially enjoyed Mike's Banjo introductions to several songs...just like his mandolin intros...first rate!  Melvin's fiddle sounded much stronger and sweeter, too. We are all looking forward to the new CD with the whole family playing and singing your favorites.  Thought you should know...we really enjoyed the show. John, & Janet and Leona and Erin & Arnie." After Woodland Opera House Show.

"Bill, that was great - the new songs are wonderful. I felt well blessed to have been there. Get that new CD turning, these are songs to share. Love in Christ, Luana". Davis Resident, After Woodland Opera House show.

"Hi Bill, I saw the show with my 11 year old granddaughter. We loved the show!  I'll come again next year.  Best, Dave Smith" . Davis Resident, After Woodland Opera House show.

"Bill, we have you guys penciled in and the dates are correct.  We had a very good business day and got lots of great comments on the band.  You guys really added to the festive atmosphere.  Best, Gary." After American Fly Fishing company show.

2010 shows

"Hello Bill.   Just wanted to drop a note to say, 'YOU and YOUR BAND ARE GREAT.   Velma and I sure enjoyed the music last evening at the Woodland Opera House.    We will have the joy to listen to your 'sound' from the CD in the days ahead.     Best Regards to you and your family, Harold." Davis Resident, After Woodland Opera House Show.

"Bill, we were delighted with the turnout and the product. I would be happy to look at dates next year." Jeff Kean, Executive Director, Woodland Opera House. After Woodland Opera House Show.

"Bill, you guys were great!  I received many, many compliments about the music!  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and having Jennifer sing with you was a real treat.   We are definitely keeping your info handy for another event!! All the Best, Mark Arino." Executive director/event organizer for Grace Baptist Church. After Grace Baptist Church Performance.

"Hey, Bill! All of us here at the Temple want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful performance Saturday night.  Everyone I talked to had great things to say about the band.  Leo". Executive Director, Shriner's of Sacramento, After Shriner's of Sacramento Show.