Western Lights


Hello and thank you for stopping by the official Western Lights Band website! Our website contains a wealth of information about our band, the music we play, our CD's, our schedule for shows, and much more. We hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to take your time to look over all the various parts of our website. We would love to have you sign our guest book and share any comments with us as well.

A quick heads up before we go too far, the three founding members of the band, Bill Ward, Melvin Fong and Michael Brooks are also playing as a trio and our website has a separate link The Trio that shares similar information about our music as a trio. By all means look at all our information for both band formats!

If you enjoy fine Bluegrass with sweet 3 part harmony vocals, Classic Bob Wills type Western Swing Country, Gospel and a little bit of everything in between you will love our band and the music we play. We love diversity in our music and that is what you will see and hear at one of our live shows. Diversity in our music is also the trademark on our 2 CD's.

Depending on the music genre and particular song we do, you will hear a wide range of wonderful instruments including: guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, dobro, steel guitar and base. During a full set of our music you will hear all of these instruments as we touch on all the different styles of music that we love to do! We also love to show off our three part harmony singing on any appropriate vocal song we do.

If you are a promoter and want a very talented and diverse band that can do a very wide range of great acoustic music, give us a chance, you will not be sorry. At the end of our "Shows" page there is a great reference of the many and wide range of playing venues we have played going back many years. On our comments page you can read many wonderful compliments we have received from both attendees and promoters of our shows. Western Lights can also tailor our music to fit specific needs such as more Bluegrass, all gospel, more country, whatever your need is!

Please contact the leader of this fine band, Bill Ward, via the e-mail form on our Contact Page, or my Facebook Page, Bill Ward, or the Bands Facebook Page, "Western Lights" for information, or just to say Hello!

Thanks again for stopping by our website!! Make sure you stop by occasionally for new updates! Hope you enjoy!!

Best Wishes from all of the Western Lights Band Members; Bill Ward, Melvin Fong, Mike Brooks, Sam Ferry and Gerry Mamola!